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ginger lynn allen and devon lesbian porn
In this hardcore porn, re-cut for the late night, softcore cable crowd, porn star Devon is an aspiring actress who turns to stripping when her Hollywood dreams don't work out. Blonde Devon has a bunch of super hot, fully nude scenes. Porn vet Ginger Lynn Allen is Devon's best friend who does some pole work and lap dancing. Devon also has two hot lesbo scenes, one with Nikita Kash, another with Daniella Rush. Also, check out the hot girl/girl scene between Nikita and Monica Mayhem.

All About the Benjanmins (HD)
eva mendes sexy photo
Lots of sexy, jiggly curves in this flick. Barbara Baron is a naked, dead chick in a bathtub, model Carmen Chaplin is deadly hot, Valerie Rae Miller is all cruves in skintight denim, and Eva Mendes shows off her hot body jumping around in a tiny little outfit.

Sex and Breakfast (HD)
eliza dushku and alexis dziena sex and breakfast
Alexis Dziena and Eliza Dushku are the sexier halves of two couple that decided to switch partners. There's no nudity in this flick, but some very sexy lingerie scenes from the girls. There's also a nice girl/girl kissing scene with Eliza and Jaime Ray Newman.

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Friends: The One With The East German Laundry Detergent (HD)
kim gillingham friends sexy picture
Friends highlight was Kim Gillingham who plays Joey's old girlfriend. She has a good scene of deep cleavage and Ross teaches Rachel how to do laundry! In HD!

Friends With Benefits (HD)
mila kunis nude and justin timberlake hardcore fucks
This movie stars Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake as business associates turned off by commitment yet turned on by each other and sex without commitment. As Timberlake smartly takes advantage of these free booty calls we get to see the beautiful and sexy Mila in a whole lot of sexy scenes and hear her tell us exactly what she wants, where she wants it, and how much she's liking it! And once you get past her eyes and body you will find a hilarious movie that was laugh out loud funny!

Bereavement (HD)
alexandra daddario big tits
One of our sweethearts around here lately is Alexandra Daddario and here she stars in this brilliant modern slasher flick. Anyone can make a movie that makes you squeamish by yanking out intestines or spraying gallons and gallons of fake blood. This film makes you squeamish for deeper reasons and makes it that much more enjoyable. PLUS, Alexandra Daddario is so frickin' hot we almost didn't care that she doesn't get naked.

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Presumed Innocent (HD)
sexy greta scacchi nude hardcore scene
This was a good movie from 1990 with Harrison Ford as a D.A. and Greta Scacchi as his love interest/target. Good plot with Greta getting naked in a few scenes. She looks great bare ass naked!

Friends: The One With The Butt (HD)
sexy jennifer aniston friends scenes
Friends Joey lands an acting job as Al Pacino's butt double. Sofia Milos guest stars as Chandler's lover who is only interested in sex with no strings attached as she has other lovers also.

Shoot Em Up (HD)
monica bellucci nude in hot hardcore movie
When a mysterious loner named Mr. Smith (Clive Owen, Children of Men) delivers a woman's baby during an intense shoot-out, he inadvertently lands himself at odds with the ruthless Mr. Hertz (Paul Giamatti). Aided by the enigmatic DQ (Monica Bellucci), Mr. Smith is tasked with protecting the newborn from Hertz and his henchmen. Written and directed by Michael Davis, this bullet-riddled action thriller also stars Ramona Pringle, Jane McClean and Chris Jericho. Now on Bluray!

Stuck (HD)
mena suvari hardcore sex naked scene
Driving home after a night of partying, Brandi (Mena Suvari) accidentally crashes into pedestrian Tom (Stephen Rea), who gets stuck in her car's windshield. Brandi struggles with whether to help save this man's life or simply let him die and thereby protect her career. In extreme pain and with little time left to live, Tom pleads for Brandi's help and tries to find a way to escape from his glass prison in this horrific thriller. Also starring Sharlene Royer.

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